Elizabeth House Museum

Address: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Opening hours: Varied Opening Times

Contact: Telephone 01493 855746

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The house has a female’s name and the primary theme is domesticity. The 16th century house is located in Norfolk. Basically, the Elizabeth House Museum is a showcase of what life at home was like during the period in question.

The word “domesticity” may make you think that the whole setup is boring or common. However, the Elizabeth House Museum actually offers insights into some of the more interesting aspects of 16th century history. Getting to know how people lived during that time also provides you with a glimpse of what life would have been life for the Tudors.

The Elizabeth House Museum does not only carry remnants of Tudor times. The range is pretty generous, even encompassing the Victorian times. You may even get to roam the halls while wondering if the Conspiracy Room was indeed witness to Charles I’s plotted death.

Though the centuries-old house is a National Trust property, it has the added care of being under the management of Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service. It has the double charm of a time that is famous for plotting and assassinations, which was during the reign of The Tudors while it also offers you a look at what it was like to live during the Victorian Era, whether you were living upstairs or downstairs.

There is double the pleasure in visiting a historic place that is both a house and a museum. You get to feel that air of having been lived in while you also get to see collections of objects that are reminiscent of the eras in which the house had existed in. There is also an on-site shop where you could go to find some quaint souvenirs that would really render your visit even more special.

If you want to immerse more into the life of the house, you can pretend to work as a Victorian maid. So, you get to help out with cleaning and the washing, experiencing hands-on what it was like for servants of the period. You may also encounter a strict schoolmaster from the same era to get to know what it was like to learn your 3 Rs during that time.

Overall, the Elizabeth House Museum offers a cosy way of learning more about an era. You get to be familiar with the time and its people, going beyond the surface of what objects can offer you through the usual museums.