The Imperial War Museum

Address: Lambeth Road, London

Opening hours: Thursday hours 10:00 am–6:00 pm

Contact: Phone +44 20 7416 5000

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The Imperial War Museum comprises not only one but five museums and galleries that are devoted to relaying the history of Britain’s war effort. The foundation of the museum was very timely as it was established during the First World War, in the year 1917. The museum’s main goal is to make people know how modern war worked and how it had significantly affected people and the society that they lived in.

The museum was made available to the public in 1920 in its original location, Sydenham Hill’s Crystal Palace. In 1924, however, it was moved into a spot in the Imperial Institute, which is found in South Kensington. It was not until 1936 that the Imperial War Museum was able to find a permanent home in Southwark, in what was formerly known as the Bethlem Royal Hospital. As would have been expected, the museum’s collection expanded after the Second World War as there was more to say about modern war and its effects.

If you want to get to know more about how conflict works, especially among nations, the Imperial War group of museums is the right place to go to. You may want to delve further into the stories that compelled us – stories about war and stories that have been made into films or books. Wartime stories do not always just highlight the harrowing experiences but they also focus on the tunnel of light, as well – the courage, friendships, loyalty and sense of survival are also all there reflected in the lives and therefore, in the exhibits at the museum.

The permanent collections of The Imperial War Museum portray the heroic efforts of the people who have been involved in war. There are little scraps of evidence such as letters, photographs and even diaries. This is as close as you can get to war without being physically scathed. Whether or not you had family lost or triumphant during the war, you will appreciate the contributions of each life story to the tragic tale of war that made significant impacts on our history and future.

The Imperial War Museum is a charity and receives less than half of its funding from the government. It depends on people who are willing to contribute to its maintenance. You may want to contribute to the cause. The group of museums, after all, keeps and disseminates information about the Great Wars that our descendants deserve to know about.