Address: Westminster, Central London.

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It is no wonder that when you hear the word “Westminster”, you immediately think of Westminster Abbey. After all, the monastic building is part of the visitor attractions that you will enjoy when visiting the English city of Westminster.

Westminster is located in Central London. This area is situated within the city of the same name. It can be found on the River Thames’ northern bank. It does not only boast of Westminster Abbey but of other historically important landmarks, as well. You will find Westminster Cathedral, the Palace of Westminster, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Buckingham Palace, in the area. You will also find the British Parliament here.

The area used to be part of Middlesex. Its current name follows an old description of the environs surrounding Westminster Abbey. Westminster comes from West Minster, which in turn means "monastery church". It has become the seat of the English government and then of the British government for almost a century. The name “Westminster” had become so associated with the Parliament that sometimes it was even used as a metonym for it. This has caught on so much so that the term Westminster Village does not usually refer to the area but instead to a members of the Parliament that make up a close-knit group. The term is usually used in gossip.

The site on which Westminster Abbey was built was the area considered to be Westminster’s historic core. The Abbey served as the traditional venue for coronations while the Palace became the main royal residence after the 1066 Norman conquest of England. Later on, it served as the house in which Parliament and law courts developed.

Westminster could well be the cultural and political centre of London. The City of London is the economic centre. This is actually very apparent if you are familiar with both areas.

There is so much to explore in Westminster. If you are going to visit the London area anyway then you should not forget to visit the historical buildings within Westminster. It is also a great place to live in. Imagine being a resident of an area where the seat of Parliament and royalty can be passed by every day. You may also just come for that visit and take photos of important sites.