Museum of London

Address: London Wall, City of London, Greater London.

Opening hours: CLOSED

Contact: Phone +44 20 7001 9844

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‘Museum of London’s London Wall site is now closed after 45 brilliant years but we are continuing our extraordinary journey to give the capital and the world a new museum for London. The new museum coming in 2026 will be situated at the heart of the capital’s historic West Smithfield.

Until then the fun continues at our Docklands museum! Discover how Docklands shaped the city we know today through a wide range of activities for all, including major exhibitions, our free-to-visit permanent galleries, big community events and engaging family activities throughout the year.

By its very name, this national museum’s art is focused on the city of London. The museum showcases the city’s history even from the Prehistoric age. The Museum of London is aptly located near the Barbican Centre, which is in the midst of a group of buildings that rose during the Sixties and Seventies. It is only a few minutes’ walk north of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was near the ruins of a Roman city wall as well as the city’s oldest areas. This makes the location even more appropriate. This way, when you visit the area, you can focus on getting a glimpse of London’s past while not being totally disconnected from the present.

The Museum of London, which tackles the social history of the city, opened up in 1976. It was touted as part of the Barbican Estate, which it does feel like it belongs to. The collection is quite massive, including the collections that were previously displayed in the Guildhall Museum and the London Museum.

Touring the museum is all about discovering the story of the people of London from Prehistoric times to the present. There are nine permanent galleries that you can explore to your heart’s content as they can be visited for free. You may also want to schedule a free gallery tour with friends or even with strangers. The museum is ready to accommodate you every day, mornings and afternoons from Sundays to Fridays and afternoons only on Saturdays.

Because the Museum of London tries its best to represent London life, there are also many exhibits that showcase current events and interests, such as At Home with the Queen and London and the Olympics. There are also events and courses intended for adults who want to get to know more about the art and social life in London. There are also events that are designed for the whole family, making each member become more aware of what life is like in London.

The Museum of London is a national museum. It is rightfully one as it is able to express the city of London’s history through its archaeology, photography and art in general. There are newer forms of media included as the museum tries to keep abreast with the art and social developments in the city. If you really want to get to know London, you have to make sure that you schedule at least thirty minutes with the museum.